Monday, December 15, 2008

Could anything else go wrong?

I woke up to the sound of my husband in the bathroom, my alarm had not gone off. Thankfully we get up about the same time on the days he doesn't leave early! It was -1 outside this morning (-20 windchill) and I had 3 kids who had stayed up too late last night and wanted nothing to do with getting up. I get everyone up and dressed so I could go start the car and warm it up before we need to take AJ to school. My husband's truck is dead so he comes back inside and helps us get on our way. We go on our way and get AJ to school. I have an appointment in Lincoln at 10:30 so we head off to there right after that.

We get there early so head over to Red Clover (a little health food market) across the street from where our appointment is. We get some Oat Straw tea and hop in the car to find out the front passenger tire is completely flat! So here I am over an hour from home with a flat tire. I know nothing of changing tires and if I did, my 32 wk pregnant self wasn't going to do it anyways! I'd never used road side assistance, but thankfully it's something we have on our insurance and something everyone should have! It was going to take them 1.5 hrs to come to us, I was supposed to be at my appointment in 15 mins. Sigh. I called them and they actually sent someone over to get the kids and I so we could make our appointment! How's that for service! As we're finishing there I get a call that the tire guy is on his way, good timing. As we're leaving, I get another call, it's AJ's school. Guess who didn't get a lunch packed this morning? Thankfully they had some food for him and he agreed to eat it. He's not my best eater.

O.K. we get to the van and get the spare on and we're ready to go find a Wal-Mart so we can get a new tire. We go to the only Wal-Mart I know where it is in Lincoln. There's is a 2.5 hr wait for a new tire! That would make it 3pm before it got fixed, AJ gets out school at 3:15 and I'm an hour away, you do the math. They direct me to another Wal-Mart and thankfully we make it there easily and I realize I actually know where I am when I get there. Woohoo! Plus it's about 20 mins or so closer to home than the other Wal-Mart. Before we can even get to register the vehicle, Evan is attacked by a tire. I told him not to play with them, when you weigh 33#, you have no business playing with 50# tires! He was knocked to the ground, but the bruise isn't so bad on his head. Definitely not his first.

We get to leave 1.5 hrs later and $89 poorer, it's 2:40! I call the school and they agree to watch AJ if I'm a little late. I showed up right at 3:15, whew. His poor lips have red scabs on them from being so dry and picking them, poor thing looks awful. I make him wear some fancy Mary Kay stuff when he gets home and when he goes to bed, he's not impressed, but they already look better! They had some dinner and took a bath (since it's too cold in the morning for that because of their wet hair, for Ilana anyways) and the boys are now in bed thankfully while Ilana gets her daily Dora fix. I'm exhausted and trying to finish my homework ASAP so I can get in bed before 12:30 tonight. Algebra took longer than I thought it would last night...


  1. Wow what a hetic day! I've had to deal with being an hour away from where i need to be with a flat tire. but thank god for AAA lol. Glad everything worked out for you. never heard of an insurance company actually take you were you need to be that cool. You had one crazy day!

  2. wow! What a crazy day, and I'm sure it couldn't get any worse. I give you so much praise for doing everything you are doing! Plus, now I am deffiantly looking into road side assistance with my insurance agency!:)