Friday, December 19, 2008

Winter is a sick time of year...

I was sooo sick yesterday, it wasn't even funny. AJ ended up being late to school b/c I was afraid to drive. I'm all better now (and starving) and it's Evan's turn (remember he said he felt funny the other night), I think he has strep throat. AJ just had it a few wks ago and now I think it's Evan's turn! School was cancelled today b/c of weather. AJ is not happy since today was his party and gift exchange. Their Christmas program is now Sunday afternoon. The roads should be clearer now so we're going to venture out for lunch and groceries and the DR. Let's just hope Ilana doesn't get something too, she's so hard to deal w/ when she's sick b/c she's only 2 and can't tell me enough yet to help her. That and her temper! lol She just screams and screams till she gets her way or gives up, which she doesn't do easily. We got our Christmas box from my mom yesterday and the kids are begging to open their presents or open one of mine, they don't really care! We're having our Christmas w/ my husband's family tomorrow, so they might get to open 1 there since they have a present that is getting off shoot presents to go w/ it and if they don't open the main one first the others won't make sense. Off to get everyone dressed for the snow!

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  1. I didn't know the new blog was difficult to find! lol That is why I left the old one up, with the link there. But I'm glad you found it too. Posts go up every 3 days automatically... gotta love Windows Live Writer otherwise nobody would ever see pictures!

    - Chels, Ali and Sadi